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Find a Restaurant Postcode Search

Do you want to find a new Balti to try near you? Or are you looking for a restaurant near some distant friends you plan to visit? No matter what you're searching for - simply enter your postcode into the search box below (TIP, this works best with full postcode, e.g. SN10 4EF rather than just SN10), choose a distance to search up to (or leave it at the default 25 miles), and either select a type of restaurant, or leave it set to all, then press Search!

Please note: we cannot guarantee you will find every restaurant near to the postcode you search for. Our places to eat database is constantly growing, so these results may change from time to time. Also, due to the number of places to eat in our database, it is possible that one could appear in the search that no longer is in business, so we'd advise you to phone first, and make a booking if it's for an important occasion.

If there are any missing you know of - then please feel welcome to Add a Place to Eat.